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Lady Mary Allotments and Cardiff Organic Gardeners Have joined to provide helpful guidance on finding and then managing an allotment in an organic way.




An allotment is a pleasant companionable form of exercise whether you garden on your own, or with friends and family.

There's nothing quite like eating your own freshly picked produce, from plot to table in minutes. But don't confine yourself to just growing fruit and vegetables - remember to feed the eye and the soul with flowers and enjoy the visiting wildlife too.

We keep on adding to the information in these pages, but we know there is always more that will be useful, so if there is something you want to know please contact us 


The Lady Mary Allotments and Cardiff Organic Gardeners website is now ten years old. In those two years Lady Mary has gone from having a third of its plots vacant to where it is now, fully let and with a waiting list. But, don’t worry if you are looking for a plot, there are a whole number of sites in Cardiff with plots to let. We’ll be happy to help you find a spot somewhere near you.


Since we began we have added a lot of pages with advice on how to manage an allotment organically without it becoming a chore. We keep on adding to those pages so if there are any subjects that you think should be included let us know – we’ll try to add those to our Easy Allotment pages. If there are useful names and addresses that we can add to our contacts page we’ll be glad to hear about them too. And, while we’re on about it we’re looking for good pictures to illustrate some of our pages – if you’ve got a patch that you’re proud of let us show the world – well Cardiff anyway! Send us a jpg – not too big.

Enjoy your gardening!

Happy Growing